Buying vs Hiring Ski Equipment

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Hiring vs Buying Ski Equipment
Ski Basics
Hiring vs Buying Ski Equipment

The debate on whether to buy or hire your ski equipment is an on-going conversation amongst almost all parties and in all honesty, there really is no definitive answer! It really does depend on a number of factors. So, below we have put together a short list of the pros and cons of both options to help you on your way to making your decision.


Pros of hiring


Perfect for beginners – If you’re a beginner, hiring is without a doubt the best option. After your first trip, you may want to return right away, but may not end up getting a group together again for a couple of years. So, it’s best to wait and see firstly, if you enjoy it and secondly to ensure that you’re going to be going regularly before buying.


Save money when flying – When flying with ski equipment, you are likely to be charged for additional sports baggage. The will price will vary depending on your carrier but is likely to add approximately £50 to your booking per each set of skis or snowboard.


You have the luxury of changing your skis – When hiring your skis, you have the option to change them at any time. Whether you’re just not getting on with your current rental or you fancy switching from skis to a snowboard…you can simply go to the hire shop and arrange this.


Discounted hire when staying with Ski Basics – When staying with Ski Basics, you will receive exclusive discounts at hire shops in Meribel. For more information, visit our ski hire page.


Cons of hiring


More specific needs may not be catered for – When hiring, you will be given what they have in stock. If you need particularly long or short skis or a certain type, they may not be available.


Time spent in the hire shop – The hire shop can get extremely busy, particularly on Saturday when the vast majority of company’s guests will arrive. Meaning that you may end up wasting valuable time on the slopes, cooped up in the hire shop which is not what you want. Especially if there’s fresh powder and blue skies to be enjoyed.


Skis and boards when be worn – Whilst hire shops will always take time to maintain their equipment, depending on the shop you go to or the point in the season, equipment may be worn out.


Hiring Skis

Pros of buying


You have the luxury of getting used to your own equipment – When it comes to owning your own equipment, the main bonus is that you are able to get used to the way in which they handle in a range of conditions. Eliminating the time spent at the beginning of each ski holiday, getting used to your hire skis only to give them back again at the end of the week.


Maximise ski time – Arriving in resort with your own skis or board also comes with the large added bonus of avoiding the hire shop rush when you arrive as well as when you leave.


Choice of equipment – When buying your own equipment, you will of course be able to spend time choosing the perfect model for you and the kind of skiing or boarding that you’ll be doing most of, which is not always possible when hiring.


It may be cheaper than you think – You can pick up new skis from as little as £120. Particularly if you buy at the end of the season, you may bag yourself a real bargain and if you’re skiing regularly, then you will more than likely end up saving in the long term when compared to hiring!


Cons of buying


Potentially higher travel costs – Carrying extra sports baggage can cost anywhere up from £45. However, if you are driving to resort this is of course not a problem and you are able to take as much baggage as you wish – making buying your own equipment even more of a viable option.


Servicing costs – There will be ongoing costs for servicing and maintaining your equipment after each week you ski. This is again likely to cost around £50 each time, unless you buy your own equipment and learn to service yourself. However, this too will require a rather substantial initial investment.


Extra baggage to carry – Ski equipment can be heavy. So, it’s important to consider carrying this extra baggage and ensure that you make your transfer company aware you will have it with you.

Buying vs Hiring Skis



When it comes to boots, once you know that you will be skiing again after your first time – we would always recommend buying! Boots really can make or break a holiday, with uncomfortable boots being a source of not only pain but hassle too. When buying your own boots, you will be able to spend time with a specialist technician ensuring that you’ve got the best boot for you. For tips on how your boots should fit or where best to get them if you choose to buy in resort, take a look at our guide.


Whilst this may be something extra to carry, you can always take your boots on as hand luggage when flying which will eliminate any additional charges too.


No matter what your decision, we hope that this blog has helped you in deciding whether to take the leap and buy your own equipment or continue to hire for now. If you haven’t yet booked your next trip to Meribel, you can view our remaining availability here or simply get in contact and a member of the team would be happy to help!




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