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5 Top Tips for Choosing the Best Ski Instructor

April 18, 2019 no comments
Tips for Choosing the Best Ski Instructor

Becoming a confident, independent skier is not a journey which can be hurried. Unless you are a professional ski instructor, you can never know enough about skiing – there are always numerous of techniques to be improved upon and a multitude of new skills which can be learned. Enrolling in a good ski school is […]

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5 Health Benefits of Skiing (as if you Needed Another Excuse!)

August 1, 2018 no comments
whats new in Meribel 2018

If you’re reading this then it’s likely that you already love skiing and everything about it. From that feeling as you hit the slopes first thing in the morning before anyone else, breathing the fresh mountain air and the dazzling sunshine gifting you with healthful vitamin D and mood-boosting energy – the benefits of skiing […]

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The Best Skiing Apps

May 8, 2018 no comments
top 6 skiing apps to improve your ski experience

Whether you’re looking to let off some steam during après, or pick up the latest ski tips and techniques to improve your skiing, these top skiing apps for your mobile are a must have. Your phone can become your best friend in the mountains (and not just for the selfie opportunities!). These best apps for […]

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Your Skiing Checklist Made Simple

January 30, 2018 no comments
Skiing Checklist made simple

“Prior planning prevents p*ss poor performance” is a a commonly bandied about phrase which can’t be ignored, especially so when it comes to skiing. If you’ve not been skiing in Meribel before then you’ll no doubt be a little nervous about forgetting an essential bit of kit or item and worrying about what to add […]

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This Will Make Buying Your Meribel Ski Pass Simple…

December 14, 2017 no comments
This Will Make Buying Your Meribel Ski Pass Simple…

You’ve booked your  catered ski chalet, sorted your travel, the snow is falling, and you’ve studied the Meribel piste maps so that you know the mountains inside out – you are all set for your perfect ski holiday in Meribel. But wait! What about booking ski passes? Here we explain all about how to secure […]

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Downloadable 2018 Meribel Piste Map Made Easy

October 3, 2017 no comments
This Will Make Buying Your Meribel Ski Pass Simple…

What is a Piste Map A piste may be a route through a variety of different terrains; it might consist of a meadow or a mountain road or part of a glacier. Therefore piste mapping is important and it’s always a good idea to make your self acquainted with a local piste map before you visit a ski resort […]

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5 Pivotal Ski Tips to Give You the Edge

September 6, 2017 no comments
Ski tips to give you the edge
Who doesn’t want to be a better skier? Gliding down a mountain through virgin powder with the sun glistening on surrounding snow-covered peaks has got to be one of the most incredible feelings on earth... Working to improve your skiing so that you can augment time spent on the slopes and have your mind blown [...] Read More

5 Reasons Why It’s Better to Hire Skis (Not Buy)

August 1, 2017 no comments
Ski Hire in Meribel

For 70 years, the Three Valleys ski region in the French Alps has tempted skiers and snowboarders alike with its impressive facilities and world-class ski conditions. Meribel sits at the heart of the famous Trois Vallees and, with over 600km of pistes, it’s easy to see why guests return year after year to continue their discovery of […]

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Skiing in the Alps – 3 Reasons Why it’s the Best in the World

July 3, 2017 no comments
This Will Make Buying Your Meribel Ski Pass Simple…

Skiing in the Alps started as a means of transportation through the rugged mountainous terrain before becoming a fun recreational activity during winter months, which in turn attracted the thousands of annual visitors it does today. The Alps are the highest and most extensive mountain range system that lies entirely in Europe, stretching approximately 750 miles across eight […]

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Try Ski Tuning to Boost your Performance on the Slopes

June 5, 2017 no comments
ski tuning made easy

“Prior planning prevents p*ss poor performance” is a phrase which is commonly bandied about and one which can’t be ignored, especially so when it comes to skiing. Ski tuning is a crucial part of your ski prep and can help boost your performance on the slopes no-end. Having a good wax job and sharp, flat […]

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What It’s Really Like to Work a Ski Job in Meribel

April 24, 2017 no comments
Ski job in Meribel

The importance of chalet staff is pivotal to the success of any ski chalet company in the Alps and, whilst even the best ski job in Meribel can be demanding, here at Ski Basics we believe that if a chalet company has happy staff, this in turn leads to happy customers. Choosing a ski season […]

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Should Beginners Learn How to Ski or Snowboard?

January 27, 2017 no comments
learn how to ski in meribel

Choosing the right ski school can make or break your ski holiday in the Alps. Here at Ski Basics we recommend only the very best tried and tested favourite ski schools in Meribel to help guests to learn how to ski or snowboard under the guidance of skilled and fully-trained professionals. But if you are a […]

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The 2017 Ski Season in Meribel

December 19, 2016 no comments
2017 Ski Season in Meribel

Meribel in 2017 Whilst many industries are wishing their customers a very Merry Christmas and thanking them for a prosperous year, our gloriously snowy 2017 ski season in Meribel is just beginning and we have so much to look forward to… 2016 has been a bit of a rollercoaster for world events, but here on the Three Valleys […]

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Our Guide to Skiing in Méribel at Easter

March 20, 2016 no comments
Sking in Meribel at Easter

Skiing in Méribel at Easter​ Méribel is central to the Trois Vallées ski area, one of the largest linked ski areas in the world. It has around 150km of pistes (the majority blue, with around 25 per cent red and under 10 per cent green or black), but offers access to a total of over 600km […]

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January Snow Conditions; Skiing in Meribel

January 20, 2016 no comments
Skiing in Meribel 01

Snow Conditions for Skiing in Meribel Snow snow and more snow! Snow has been falling thick and fast across much of the French Alps this past week and depths continue to increase almost daily, which is great news for all those of you looking forward to skiing in Meribel over the next few weeks. The […]

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Méribel’s newest developments

November 12, 2014 no comments
New Developments in Meribel 01

With this season aiming to make worldwide headlines with the Alpine Skiing World Cup Finals (due for March), Méribel decided that bigger and better was the way forward when it came to planning this year’s Winter Wonderland. We recently shared some of Méribel’s newest developments with you; now it’s time to check out what else there is to […]

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FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup Finals 2015 to be hosted in Meribel

July 30, 2014 no comments
Skiing World Cup 03

The biggest news this year is that Meribel will be hosting the FIS Alpine skiing World Cup Finals 2015. A massive first for France, Meribel is gearing up to crown some of this season’s best men and women skiers from each discipline, bringing some much deserved media attention to our very own Heart of the Three Valleys. 

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