La Folie Duce Meribel

March 22, 2013 no comments

Ski Basics

La Folie Duce – You’re guaranteed to hear it before you see it, but it’s the newest place in town and has a big reputation to live up to if it’s neighbor in Val Thorens is anything to go by. Think dancing on tables complete with ski boots, champagne showers and the occasional shots free poured into your mouth if you happen to be standing in the right spot – it’s unashamedly loud and proud. The piste location right under Saulire mid point does mean it’s a ski back to your Meribel chalet.


Plus, whether it’s just a couple of drink or you’re gearing up for a big night, our catered chalets in Meribel mean that you’ve got a delicious freshly cooked meal to look forward to when you do manage to make it home!

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