Meribel hosts the British National Ski Championships

March 18, 2013 no comments

Ski Basics

We’re proud to welcome more fantastic skiing talent to our mountain this month with the arrival of the British National Ski Championships, taking place between March 23rd and April 5th. In particular, us Brits living the Meribel chalet life are all pretty excited to see some homegrown up and coming talent in resort, as the BNC’s are a great platform for younger racers to get their first real experience of competing against top class skiers. It’s one of the most important dates in the British ski calendar and with the support of Meribel’s tourist office, ESF and ongoing sponsor Delancey, it’s gearing up to be an exiting time for all of us working out here, local residents and of course any guests visiting us on a ski holiday in Meribel.

After being held here for many years with top names including Chemmy Alcott, Alain Baxter and Findlay Mikel gracing our slopes, it’s just another testament towards Meribel being regarded as a world-class ski resort.

While enjoying a great holiday in your Meribel chalet with us, you’ll also be able to enjoy world class ski races including slalom, downhill, super combined, slalom and Super G events, without compromising the ski area for you to still explore. All in all, it’s looking like an exciting time to be on a Meribel holiday.

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