Top non-skiing outdoor activities in Meribel

February 22, 2013 no comments

Ski Basics

As avid skiers and snowboarders here in Meribel, as soon as the first flakes started to fall in November we were dying to get on the slopes after a long summer of deprivation.  For all of us working out here, 5 months is a long time to ski 7 days a week, but thankfully we’ve picked one of the best resorts for alternative activities, so rest assured you’ll never be bored on a chalet holiday in Meribel. Whether it’s an injury keeping you off the slopes on your Meribel holiday, young children or it’s simply just not your thing, there’s heaps going on the keep even the most adventurous entertained.

Snow shoeing – Get out in the fresh mountain air and take a walk around the serene forested areas surrounding the pistes and Meribel chalets while donning rather fetching lightweight plastic shoes. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to walk in deep snow and nature lovers will thrive on the unique mix of mountain flora and fauna.

Snow-mobile – For those who don’t even know what a snow-mobile is, it’s a bit like riding a set of four skis with a motor, only a bit safer! Available for adults after the lifts have shut to give you full run of the slopes, but there is also a day version for children which runs on a special circuit. The bikes carry 1-2 people – you can switch half way through if you prefer so you both can enjoy the sensation of being in control (or out of it!).

Husky sledding – Possibly not for the faint hearted, get an adrenaline rush and spend an afternoon being towed around by man’s best friend on your Meribel holiday. You’ll be off exploring mountain trails as quickly as you can say ‘mush!’ as you take control of your own sled – just don’t let go, you’ll be searching for your huskies for hours.

Hot air ballooning – Take to the skies and try a once in a lifetime experience bound to get you the best photos out of everyone on your ski holiday in Meribel.  Hot air balloons give you a unique birds eye view of the regions wildlife – you may even spot deer and marmottes, or it’s a great way to surprise someone special.

Sledging & tobogganing – Definitely not just for the kids, there’s a wealth of toboggan and sledge tracks designed to keep even the biggest of adrenaline junkies happy. Slide your way from Courchevel 1850 down to 1650, or hurtle down the 4km to Les Menuires on the Roc n’Bob toboggan track – just try your best to steer and if in doubt, just hang on.

Plus, after a long day exploring the great outdoors, our Meribel catered chalets are on hand for you to kick back and relax in preparation for your next adventure.

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