Visting Meribel in 2017

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Meribel in 2017
Ski Basics
Meribel in 2017

Visit Meribel for Ski Holidays to Write Home About…

And so as the 2016 ski season in Meribel slowly draws to a close, we reflect upon another wonderful season. We’ve loved every minute of it (as have all the guests we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming) and we are grateful to you all for making it such a success. As the valley slowly turns from white to green and the summer season makes her elegant entrance, let’s celebrate why Meribel is beyond compare all season through, an d the reasons why 98% of Ski Basics guests visiting Meribel in 2016 would recommend us to friends and family!

Why Should You Be Visiting Meribel in 2017?

  • Amazing Ski Resort Staff Our amazing team are critical to the continued success of our business, and we thank them for yet again making this season one of the best yet. We are proud of our team who we carefully select for their warm nature, enthusiasm, experience, hospitality skills and professionalism. As we say goodbye to the last few members of our fantastic Ski Basics team, we wish them well on their summer adventures and look forward to welcoming back lots of familiar faces for the 16-17 winter season. Just 30 weeks to go!
  • The Pistes in Meribel High altitude slopes that are shaded from the sun and sheltered from the wind as they are here in Meribel preserve powder longer after fresh snowfall. Because numerous pistes in the Trois Vallees Snow Report by Ski Basics 020are situated at such a high altitude (along with Mont du Vallon – the highest point in Meribel’s local ski area at nearly 3000m), many of the runs enjoy great snow on them all season through.
  • New Restaurants in Meribel There is no shortage of great restaurants in Meribel, and one of the newest additions is a particular favourite. Le Clos Bernard is unique in that you cannot ski to it and is the only restaurant in the area not near a piste- unique indeed! Meat is roasted on a roaring open log fire and the rustic feel emanates through the interiors and menus alike. Le Refuge is another newcomer and equally as popular as Le Clos Bernard. With fondues, pizzas, frog’s legs and snails, the cuisine encompasses all influences of this alpine region.
  • Via Ferrata Rock Climbing in Meribel As winter melts into spring and spring into summer, there are many extra-curricular activities to enjoy in Meribel. We love the via ferrata to ensure you still get that heady dose of adrenalin and can enjoy the mountains whether they are covered in powder or not. The via ferrata (which means ‘iron road’ in Italian) is a protected climbing route upon which climbers are attached to a steel cable which is secured to the rock in strategic places. A great way for inexperienced climbers to experience rock climbing in Meribel.
  • Snow Cannons in Meribel The top quality cutting edge groomers and snow cannons in Meribel mean that even when snow might be thin on the ground, good ski conditions can be created and maintained. When many resorts were closed due to mild weather and less-than-perfect conditions this year, Meribel remained open and skiing was enjoyed all season long thanks to the top quality equipment and intelligent investment by the ski lift companies.
  • Shopping in Meribel Meribel caters well for the shopping aficionado, with a good number of technical ski and boarder wear outlets in resort. Whether looking for new clothes or not, shopping in Meribel is a classy affair with designer brands including Prada, Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana all tempting visitors to peek in-store at their highly-priced beautiful creations.
  • Child-Friendly Ski Chalets Meribel Here at Ski Basics we understand the needs of families and children; we wholly understand that sometimes things don’t run perfectly to a set schedule and sometimes last minute Family Ski Holidays 01adjustments must be made. We understand that children have needs and wishes (and sleep requirements!) which might differ wildly to ours, but first and foremost we understand that happy children make happy adults! Providing a child-friendly service for our guests is crucial, and just one of the reasons they return time and time again.
  • The Olympic Centre in Meribel Built in 1992 for the Winter Olympics, the Olympic Centre is open daily and offers a fitness centre, indoor ice rink, 25m swimming pool, water slide, pool for children, spa and climbing wall. Don’t miss the snow-shoe walks, snowmobiling or horse-sleigh tours which are also available- children (of all ages) will love it!
  • White Water Rafting in Meribel There are so many awesome rivers in the Northern Alps, and white water rafting whilst in Meribel is a really fun way to spend spring or summer in Meribel. Rafting promises adrenalin-a-plenty, whilst also giving rafters the chance to enjoy some of the stunning scenery in the Trois Vallees. Truly a wonderful experience we encourage everyone to try at least once!

Thank you to all our visitors for making 2016 in Meribel absolutely awesome.

From all of us here at Ski Basics.


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