Live ski lift status and updates

Below is an overview of the live ski lift status for Meribel, Meribel-Mottaret, Courchevel, La Tania, Val Thorens and Les Menuires. The lift summary is useful if you already know the Meribel valley and the Meribel lift names. If you don't, find the piste maps here.

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Ski Lift Status

The Three Valleys in the heart of the French Alps is the largest integrated skiing area in the world: 600 kilometres of skiing on 330 marked ski-slopes served by 180 ski lifts at between 1300 and 3200 metres are all easily accessible thanks to the infrastructure of pistes and ski lifts. Meribel, La Tania, Val Thorens, Les Menuires, Meribel-Mottaret and Courchevel can all be skied on the same day, which is just one of the reasons which makes Les Trois Vallees one of the most popular ski resorts in the world.

Checking the status of ski lifts in the Three Valleys is an important part of planning your day’s skiing adventures. You don’t want to plan your route up your chosen part of the mountain only to find that a crucial ski lift is not working or has been closed for a few hours – this kind of unavoidable annoyance is quite simply infuriating we think you’ll agree! By checking the latest ski lift updates and for Meribel and the status of the rest of the Three Valleys ski lifts, you can plan your day’s skiing without getting any nasty surprises (hopefully!), and ensure that skiing in the Alps is as seamless and trouble-free as your holiday with Ski Basics will be.

Ski Lift Status Updates for Meribel

The Saulire Express gondola has had some great improvements and the new Chaudanne departure station has been designed to be modern and spacious. Because of the improvements, ascending Tournier couloir will now only take 12 minutes (instead of the previous 22 minutes) and offers a new level of comfort where you can put your skis down inside the lift! The descent to the Chaudanne via Bourbon Busset piste has also been made more accessible which means that the piste is now less of a challenge.


Ski Lift Status in Meribel Mottaret

In Meribel Mottaret the ten seat Plattières Telecabine (which is considered to be the Three Valleys’ spine) now has a total time of 9 minutes with a 60% increase in speed and a 40% increase in capacity. This powerful ski lift in Courchevel now transports 2800 people hourly, delivering more skiing thanks to less time in transportation. The old rope pull has been replaced by the new Ourson Magic Carpet, making it easier for beginners with free access to the 60m long lift.


Ski Lift Status in Courchevel

There have been many improvements to the ski lifts in Courchevel and La Tania in recent years. The new and improved Biollay 6 seater detachable chairlift has 365m of vertical rise and is 1690 m long. Courchevel’s ski lift has added comfort when loading due to a special positioning carpet and arriving at a higher altitude, and the lift now gives rise (pardon the pun!) to more skiing options than ever before. Courchevel’s ski lift is powerful and caters for a very busy part of the ski area, transporting 3300 people per hour with a 32% increase in capacity.

The vertical rise of Petit-Moriond Mini Cable Car is 47m and this has replaced the Trois Vallées fixed chairlift. At 145m long the Petit-Moriond lift gives simple free access to the centre Courchevel-Moriond, transporting up to 520 people every hour.


Ski Lifts in Val Thorens and Les Menuires

There are 77 pistes in Les Menuires and Val Thorens, serviced by 33 lifts which carry up to 56,000 skiers hourly. Les Menuires has an excellent ski lift system which also allows easy access to neighbouring Meribel and Val Thorens. Most of the lifts in Les Menuires are fast and enable you to get from village level to the highest point in the ski area in about 20 minutes. The resort infrastructure has seen a huge amount of investment and upgrading the area, such as all staircases to the gondolas being replaced with non-slip ramps and half of the area being covered by snowmaking. To reach Val Thorens, the Bruyeres lift provides the best access, whilst the crossover into Meribel is best managed by taking the Mont de la Chambre chairlift or the Roc des 3 Marches chair.


La Tania Ski Lift Status

The 12-person gondola ascending from La Tania links to a high-speed quad chair from which the Courchevel and Meribel ski areas ski areas can be accessed easily and quickly. There is also a series of two drag lifts that take you from the village to the Courchevel ski areas.


Be sure to check out our interactive map of piste and ski lift status to ensure that you truly maximise your time skiing in the Trois Vallees.