Weekly Eyeball Meribel Snow Report by Ski Basics

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Snow Report by Ski Basics 028
Ski Basics
Snow Report by Ski Basics 028

Snow Conditions in Meribel

6th April 2016

On this page you will find a real human version of the Meribel snow report. We send our ski chalet staff up on the hill to check the conditions for you (Someone has to do it!). Keep checking back for the latest snow conditions in Meribel ski resort.

  • Snow In Meribel Resort: 99cm
  • Snow At The Summits: 175cm
  • Lifts Open: 152/167
  • Runs Open: 310/314
  • Sliding Factor: Super spring slush! Peak time between 10-12!
  • Weather: Some snow on the way as well as sunshine :)

Forecast For This Week:

The weather was set to be a bit gloomy for the majority of the week, however, to our nice surprise it’s been a relatively sunny and warm start. The unusually warm weather is now turning the snow on the summits into spring snow, that is the slightly slushy stuff you find at the bottom of the slopes in April! Having said that we do actually have a lot of snow on the mountain for this time of year, the mountains are still in good shape! Most of the runs across the three Valleys are still open. In the afternoon, especially on the south-facing slopes, the snow does get quite thick and very slushy! It’s that time of year when long, late lunches are a must and possibly even catching a ride back down to resort in the bubble.

In spite of the better than expected weather skiing access across the 3 Valleys has been limited due to the strong winds we’ve been experiencing. Most of the lifts and telecabines above the mid stations have been closed in the afternoons. This is due to the strong Foehn winds – dry, warm, down-slope winds. Unfortunately, these are also referred to as ‘snow eaters’ due to their ability to melt snow at a freakishly fast rate! – Not so great news. Foehn winds can be initiated when deep low pressures move into Europe drawing moist Mediterranean air over the Alps.

The forecast for next week is looking good! Temperatures are to drop towards the end of this week and we are set to have some snow on Friday and Monday – fighting the snow eater winds! It’s going to brighten up in between. Hopefully we’ll see bright blue sky and sunshine for the last week of the season!

For live views take a look at our webcams

Piste Of The Week

In April you need to make sure you are on the right side of the mountain at the right time of the day. At the moment ski time and snow coniditons are optimum between 10am-12am, when the snow has softened just enough for you to experience light, forgiving, spring snow. Later on in the afternoon the snow turns quite heavy and can be challenging to ski and tiering on the legs.

This week we are recommending a lovely red/blue from the top of Tougnete (2434m). From the Chaudanne take Plan De L’Homme chair at the top make your way over the rolling fun bumps at the entrance of the Moon Park (or take Tougnette 1). Jump on Tougnette 2, when you’re at the top head down the steep section and then turn right towards Mottaret. This leads you onto the Dahu run. This run has few steep bits at the top but meanders into a lovely, gentler blue – the Martre. These runs are often relatively quiet. Head there at 11ish for perfect spring snow when the sun is shining. Matre will guide you all the way back down to Mottaret centre descending below the tree line at the bottom. It’s a nice long run with lots of varied terrain and leads you to the bustling little hub that is Meribel Mottaret where a hot chocolate stop or lunch is a must do!

Restaurant of the Week

This week we’re recommending a lovely little French hideaway in Mottaret called the Rastro. This great little spot, situated left and behind the Plattierès telecabine boasts a large south facing outside area for a sunny day. On a not so sunny day the inside alpine décor is cosy, rustic and the wooden finish is covered in jaw-dropping posters and memorabilia of the world championship winning telemark skiers that own it. The Rastro is a great place to stop with a group of friends or family, even if you have a few non-skiers and want to re-group for lunch – Mottaret is very easy to get to from Meribel Centre (Chaudanne) on the Line D Meribus.

The food and drink is very reasonable, the staff are lovely and you’ll be welcomed in with a smile. The menu offers a delicious array of traditional lunch options, burgers, lasagna, as well a healthy selection of hearty salads. The traditional Savoyard specialties are of course there and the Plat Du Jour always seems to be a winner! If you fancy hanging around for a bit Aprés in the Rastro is always good fun, with a lively crowd and good live music. Enjoy!

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Eyeball Meribel Snow Report

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