Seasonnaire Stories – James Jacob

August 5, 2019 no comments

James Jacob in Ski Basics t-shirt, holding croissants
Ski Basics
James Jacob in Ski Basics t-shirt, holding croissants

Seasonnaire Stories

We have asked some of the team from this year to choose a picture which either sums up their season or takes them back to their favourite moment. They have been tasked with writing a small paragraph about their chosen photo to describe that #seasonmade moment. Enjoy!

Chalet Host – Chalet Epena 18/19

My 2018/19 season experience was absolutely incredible. Not only due to Meribel being in one of the best ski resorts in the world and having 600km plus at one’s fingertips, but because of this incredible bunch of people that I had as my colleagues. Some of the best memories I have, were born from long days exploring the extensive pistes The Three Valleys has to offer, chalet comradery with so many of the guests we had the pleasure of spending a week with and spring afternoons spent in the sun enjoying Meribel’s finest après ski!

There are so many photos I could have chosen to talk about a favourite memory. However, this one here containing all of the brilliant, hardworking and outrageous individuals that made up the Ski Basics team just takes me back to moment we met, offering to carry bags up what seemed like Mount Everest right through to where we are now – friends for life at our end of season party with memories that will last the lifetime!



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