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Ski Basics

Seasonnaire Stories

We have asked some of the team from this year to choose a picture which either sums up their season or takes them back to their favourite moment. They have been tasked with writing a small paragraph about their chosen photo to describe that #seasonmade moment. Enjoy!

Chalet Host – Chalet Blanche 18/19;

Having now completed my first season (and it certainly won’t be my last), it goes without saying that it is something you could never regret. You are surrounded by like-minded individuals. Everyone loves skiing and you work for five months in a way that means you’re constantly meeting new people and making friends for life!

Millie Quinn - Seasonnaire Story

One of the most memorable moments of my season, is waking up at 3 o’clock in the morning to go on a hike from the Altiport to the top of Col de la Loze. The sunrise from the top was spectacular and something I will never forget.

Millie Quinn - Seasonnaire Story

Undeniably, the 2 hour uphill and freezing cold hike was torturous but after being convinced to do it by my bestie Camilla, it’s something I’m so glad I did and along with the terrifying sledge back down, something that will always stand out as one of my best memories of the season.

Millie Quinn - Seasonnaire Story

Even if you don’t enjoy skiing, living in the most picturesque town surrounded by fresh air and smiling people is fantastic!



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