Free Biking Meribel 6 July 2013

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Biking in Meribel 01
Ski Basics
Biking in Meribel 01

With  the resort just gearing up for the summer season the first competitive event is due to start on 6th July. It is open for all levels of mountain bikers, from amatures to true professionals the runs are timed from the top of Saluire down to the bottom of the valley Brides-les-Bains offering a vertical drop of 2100m  but there are no prizes just the satisfaction of taking part and finishing the course, comparing times at the end of the day with other holiday makers in Meribel. (if you wanted an official timed run the micro-chips are free but a deposit is required of 20 euros deposit per person.) its a great way to meet friends with similar interests.

The 1st start is at 9.00am and you can join in any time of the day until 15.30 remember last lift are at 16.30. The number is limited to 600 and

it is on a first come first serve basis

children must be over 13 and you must have the full safety gear helmet and all body pads. Access of the free lift system on the day is available with the frame plate FREE BIKE which you get given when you register The local rescue centers and track service will be on hand with assistance around the course

To enter you must fill in a subscription form that can be found on the 3 valleys web page  or ask any of our staff at your Meribel Catered chalet

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