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Top Ski In/Ski Out Chalets in Meribel

November 8, 2018 no comments
Top Ski in/Ski Out Chalets in Meribel

A ski in/ski out chalet in Meribel is the ultimate convenience for skiers who want to get to the fresh powder before anyone else in the morning. Being able to ski in and out of your chalet is deemed a ‘must have’ for many seasoned skiers who want awesome skiing without the hassle of queueing […]

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Introducing Our Newest Self-Catering Chalet in Meribel

November 19, 2015 no comments
Self Catering Chalet in Meribel 01

Charming Self-Catering Chalet in Meribel It’s not long now until the season starts in Meribel on 5th December; the snow is due to fall  (75cms is forecast this weekend with temperatures dropping to valley floor) and we are eagerly awaiting everyone’s arrival! Guests tell us time and time again how much they love our fully-catered Ski […]

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Choosing Ski Accommodation in Meribel

January 24, 2014 no comments
Ski Accommodation in Meribel Ski Resort 01

Many of you will be searching for skiing accommodation in Meribel at the moment, and it’s not always easy to make the right choice. How do you know if you’d be better suited to staying in one of Meribel’s many hotels, taking matters into your own hands by reserving a self-catered chalet, or by leaving […]

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Why Choose Self Catered Chalets in Meribel?

January 13, 2014 no comments
Skiing checklist

Skiing in Meribel doesn’t have to be astronomically expensive – although an excellent way to keep costs down is to book a self-catered chalet. These are plentiful, and either privately managed, or rented through one of the larger agencies in town. Chalet owners make their bread and butter out of renting their apartments, so you’ll […]

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