Parapenting the 3 Valleys

April 18, 2013 no comments

Ski Basics

For those non skiiers out there who don’t fancy clipping in for a week but still want to  explore the mountains on a Meribel chalet holiday, or any adrenaline junkies out there just looking to push their limits, we can recommend parapenting from personal recommendation. Originating from paragliding, you’ll be strapped to a qualified instructor while you fly from the ground on your skis or board via kite.


Picture the scene – you organise to meet a rather excited sounding Frenchman at the top of the Saulire Express 2 lift. 1 pm he says, no later as the wind conditions could change, so as you leave your Meribel chalet in the morning you’re probably feeling a little nervous as you look up at the height of the impending mountains.


But whatever nerves you may be feeling as you approach the meeting point, we can guarantee will be nothing like the ones you feel when you point your skis down a particularly steep part of the mountain to fill the kite. Strapped to an instructor, no less that 17 members of the Ski Basics staff have taken to the skies this Meribel ski season to see the valley in a way you could never from the ground. Circling La Folie Douce and performing stomach lurching twists and turns we glided (what felt like) hell for leather to the ground, only to be swept up again by our skilled pilots. It’s not often that you’re able to see a herd of chamois roaming between the trees from birdseye view, or gently sweep soft, untouched powder a week after last snowfall, before soaring back up into the skies.

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