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Chalet in Meribel Village

June 10, 2014 no comments
Meribel Ski Area 01

Renovated this summer to the highest standards Chalet Hermine will sleep 10 in five rooms all en suite. All the latest mod cons plus steam room this chalet promises to be a great success with past guests and future guests.

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lifts close in Meribel

April 25, 2014 no comments
Meribel Ski Resort 01

Tomorrow the lifts will have officially closed in Meribel for one more year. Our 13th season and we have enjoyed every minute. Thank you, to all our wonderful and loyal guests who have stayed with us this year.   We are already looking forward to next December and welcoming you back to Meribel and Ski Basics.

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Why Choose Meribel Ski Resort?

April 14, 2014 no comments
Meribel Ski Resort 01

Meribel ski resort is without doubt the most picturesque resort in The Three Valleys. Well-known for it’s typical savoyard wooden chalets, and it’s beautiful landscape, nowhere could be better for your holiday photos.

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Easter skiing in Meribel

March 25, 2014 no comments
Ski Basics - Ski Chalets in Meribel 056

If you’re anything like me, then the idea of skiing at Easter is pure heaven, mainly because it’s when you’ll get the best of the weather, ensuring maximum vitamin D exposure and smiles all round. Everyone is happy to be out in the sun, meaning happy instructors, happy tourists, and hey, you might even get […]

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Win a Ski Holiday in Meribel this Easter

March 3, 2014 no comments
Ski Holiday in Meribel 02

Its competition time…. This is a genuine chance to win a week in chalet Brenettes for you and 5 friends or family prize includes transfers, ski hire, ski lessons and 3valley passes for all 6 full details below, closing date 14th March. To enter click here.  

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Choosing Ski Accommodation in Meribel

January 24, 2014 no comments
Ski Accommodation in Meribel Ski Resort 01

Many of you will be searching for skiing accommodation in Meribel at the moment, and it’s not always easy to make the right choice. How do you know if you’d be better suited to staying in one of Meribel’s many hotels, taking matters into your own hands by reserving a self-catered chalet, or by leaving […]

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Luxury Ski Chalets Meribel

January 24, 2014 no comments
Luxury Ski Chalets in Meribel 01

If you have several seasons of staying in chalets under your belt, or if you just feel like treating yourself, maybe you should look at staying in a luxury chalet in Meribel. Maybe you’d like a masseuse on hand, caviar served at every meal, or a helicopter ride to Ski School? Or maybe you just […]

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Why Choose Self Catered Chalets in Meribel?

January 13, 2014 no comments
Skiing checklist

Skiing in Meribel doesn’t have to be astronomically expensive – although an excellent way to keep costs down is to book a self-catered chalet. These are plentiful, and either privately managed, or rented through one of the larger agencies in town. Chalet owners make their bread and butter out of renting their apartments, so you’ll […]

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Catered Chalet Holiday Meribel

January 13, 2014 no comments
Ski Basics - Ski Chalets in Meribel 062

More and more of you are being converted to the ways of holidaying in one of Meribel’s catered chalets when it comes to skiing. Gone are the days of juggling cooking duties and plumping your own pillows, or bedding down in a 200 room hotel. 2014 is the year of putting your feet up, tucking […]

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Meribel with children

December 29, 2013 no comments
Kids Skiing in Meribel 02

Considering spending a week skiing in Meribel with children? Meribel is an excellent resort for all the family, and has a huge variety of activites to keep the little ones (and the bigger ones) happy. So what exactly is there for children in Meribel to do when you’re far from your home comforts and you’ve left your Peppa […]

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Learning to ski in Meribel

December 9, 2013 no comments
Snow Forecast forMeribel 02

A ski holiday in Meribel isn’t all about racing down black runs, diving over moguls or smashing through endless fresh powder. It’s also about showing you new guys the ropes, proving that skiing can be fun, easy to pick up, and just as enjoyable whatever level you are.

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Ski Schools in Meribel

November 26, 2013 no comments
Ski Basics - Ski Chalets in Meribel 046

When looking at skiing in the Three Valleys, ski lessons in Meribel are bound to be on your to-do list. With so many of us crossing the channel for just one week each year, ski or snowboarding lessons are an excellent way of making every day count.

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Ski hire in Meribel

November 15, 2013 no comments
Pre-Ski Exercises

Ski hire is a massive part of getting it right when it comes to going on a Meribel skiing holiday. I’m talking about getting good quality kit, at the right price, which will give you the confidence to get the most out of your time on the slopes. This is easier said than done, as […]

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Getting to Meribel

November 8, 2013 no comments
Ski Basics - Ski Chalets in Meribel 055

With 30 days until the season starts, it’s time to start looking at the more detailed side of going skiing in Meribel. You may have one of the very best chalets in Meribel reserved, but how are you actually going to get there?

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Skiing in Meribel – Want to know more?

October 24, 2013 no comments
Ski Basics - Ski Chalets in Meribel 046

When you’re looking at booking your skiing holiday, there are always three factors to take into account; What’s the skiing like? Will there be any snow? Is it good value for money? Let’s look at a few reasons why skiing in Meribel is the way forward. 

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What’s on in Meribel this season

October 14, 2013 no comments
Ski Basics - Ski Chalets in Meribel 023

It’s official, snow is on the way and winter is finally coming! Throughout the Alps, we’re all gearing up to make the 2013/14 season the best yet and our chalets in Meribel are being preened and prepped for the arrival of snow hungry guests in just 9 weeks.

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A chalet holiday in Meribel

October 8, 2013 no comments
Ski Basics - Ski Chalets in Meribel 010

A recent survey has shown that 74% of British holidaymakers who visit Meribel opt to stay in a catered chalet rather than a hotel. For those of you who have not yet experienced a catered chalet holiday, the concept may seem alien. 

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Reasons to ski in Meribel

September 25, 2013 no comments
Ski job in Meribel

We’re obviously Meribel skiing converts, so why shouldn’t you be too? Here’s a few reasons why skiing in Meribel (and staying with Ski Basics) HAS to be on your bucket list.

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10 reasons to book with Ski Basics

September 15, 2013 no comments
Ski Basics - Ski Chalets in Meribel 057

The start of September and the end of the school holidays always means that the  countdown has begun and before we know it we will be knee deep in fresh snow. With only 93 days until the first lifts open in Meribel it’s the perfect time to put that ski holiday in the calendar. It can […]

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Ski Season in Meribel

August 23, 2013 no comments
Ski Basics - Ski Chalets in Meribel 048

I’m asked this question a lot, so thought it high time I wrote a response to; “Should I do a Ski season?” Now, if you love skiing, can wolf down a fondue before your morning snowplough, or are just plain outdoorsy – chances are you’d fit in perfectly with the thousands of staff migrating to […]

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