The 14 Best Skiing Apps for 2023 – Android and iPhone

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top 6 skiing apps to improve your ski experience
Ski Basics
top 6 skiing apps to improve your ski experience

Whether you’re looking to let off some steam during après, or pick up the latest ski tips and techniques to improve your skiing, these top skiing apps are must-haves. Your phone can become your best friend in the mountains, helping you to optimise your ski experience and, of course, providing endless selfie opportunities!

So whether you’re new to the mountains or an experienced skier, here are the 12 best skiing apps to download this season.

Best Ski Tracking App

1. Ski Tracks (iPhone & Android)

Ski Tracks is the world’s most downloaded ski and snowboard app and is available on both iOS and Android. This mobile GPS skiing app allows you to track your routes, runs and elevation all day while you’re shredding the fresh powder up in the mountains. Also compatible with smartwatches and social platforms, you can compare with your friends and share results across social media too. With all your crucial ski stats such as altitude, duration, runs, max speed and distance in one place, this skiing app also holds up to 14 hours of battery life, so why would you ski without it?

Download Ski Tracks skiing app (iPhone) 

Download Ski Tracks skiing app (Android)

2. Slopes (iPhone and Android)

Slopes is an extensive tracking app for skiing and snowboarding with a broad range of great features including highly detailed stats and maps for ski resorts all across the globe. The smart tracking features can also detect between when you’re on on a run or a lift meaning you don’t need to worry about pausing at the end of the piste. Here you can also connect and compare with friends by making use of the social networking feature. This skiing app is also compatible with Apple Watch making it easily accessible when on the move!

Download Slopes skiing app (iPhone) 

Download Slopes skiing app (Android) 

Best Ski Fitness Apps

3. SkiFit (Vimeo series)

OK, so not technically an app, but SkiFit deserves a mention here. Previously available as an app for iPhone and Android, SkiFit has now changed to a video-based series on the Vimeo platform. Led by the trained physiotherapist and clinical expert, Neil Maclean-Martin, this series can be downloaded on the Vimeo app and done anywhere, helping you get fit for the slopes more easily without equipment. The SkiFit programme provides 4 guided one-hour workouts, made up of over 100 individual ski-specific exercises.

Find out more about SkiFit

And if it’s an app you’re specifically after, you could try:

4. 12 Minute Ski Workout Slopes Fit (iPhone)

You’ve already learned all about how to ski tune before your holiday to ensure you’re adequately prepared, but this skiing app offers a bitesize workout to help get fit before your winter holiday. Aimed at beginners, this regime focuses on building technique, strength and endurance, prepping you for the slopes and helping to prevent injuries.

Download 12 Min Ski Workout Slopes Fit skiing app (iPhone)

5. SnowFit (Android)

With more than 4 hours of workouts available, this fitness app prepares your body for the ski season ahead. You can target different areas of your body and there are 3 intensity levels to choose from.

Download SnowFit skiing app (Android)

ski fit app for iphoneBest Digital Detox Apps for Skiing

6. Off The Grid (Android)

Built exclusively for Android, Off the Grid is an app for the adventurer who is tech-savvy but wants to take a break from their device every now and then. Not just an app for skiers, with a push of a button this app will block all the messages and notifications coming into your phone, leaving you to enjoy your soul venture in peace with no digital master dictating your day. This ski app also offers a report detailing what you’ve missed while you were skiing, meaning you can catch up once you’ve enjoyed your day to the full with no digital distraction.

Download Off the Grid app (Android)

7. Freedom (iPhone and Android)

A similar distraction-blocking app that’s iPhone-friendly is Freedom. Although not exclusively a skiing app, if you want to turn off annoying notifications and simply focus on the powder, Freedom might just be able to help. Schedule downtime by blocking specific apps and websites, keeping your phone available for emergencies (and photo ops), while shutting out constant distractions.

Download Freedom app (iPhone)

Download Freedom app (Android)

Best Ski Conditions App

8. OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report (iPhone and Android)

If you’re going to have any skiing apps at all, get this one. The OnTheSnow Ski and Snow Report app deliver daily snow reports and up-to-date snow conditions from the slopes of more than 2000 areas around the world. With this handy ski app, you can view and upload first-hand reports and photos, and check out the webcams and snow forecast for ski resorts you’re planning to visit. You can even set a powder alert so that you receive a notification when your favourite resort (which is of course Meribel!) gets that welcoming flurry of new snow.
Free for users, this app is a great one-stop-shop for all you need to know about the weather and conditions here in the resort.

Download OnTheSnow skiing app (iPhone)

Download OnTheSnow skiing app (Android)

Best Avalanche Forecast App

9. Mobile Avalanche Safety Tools (iPhone and Android)

Ullr Labs says that this ski app “combines iPhone technology with established snow science to improve winter backcountry travel decisions, make it easy to share observations and adventures, and provide ongoing resources to increase avalanche knowledge and awareness”. And we can’t argue with that!
Mountain life can be treacherous if you’re not savvy, so this skiing app will help you to stay safe and informed when traversing the mountainscape. With this app, you can download the most recent avalanche forecasts for your chosen ski area, review conditions recently uploaded live by other users and easily collect important information about snow, weather and terrain. Knowing where dangers lurk is vital – get this app so you’re in-the-know, not in-the-snow.

Download Avalanche Safety Tools skiing app (iPhone)

Download Avalanche Safety Tools skiing app (Android)

Best Ski Game App

10. Powder Alpine Simulator (iPhone)

Let off some steam when you’re resting those weary limbs at the end of an action-packed day with this simple but highly addictive mobile game. It is the skiing equivalent of retro game Snake with basic graphics and undemanding gameplay and will entertain you for hours on whiteout day. TIME magazine rates it as ‘One of the most calming iOS games ever developed”, and we have to say that we wholeheartedly agree!

Download Powder Alpine Simulator skiing app (iPhone)

11. Grand Mountain Adventure (Android)

With seven open-world mountains to choose from (and calming tunes to boot), this Android skiing game app is another great way to chill après-ski. And you can try a range of terrain from resort to backcountry and even slalom. Clip yourself in for hours of endless fun!

Download Grand Mountain Adventure skiing app (Android)

Best Ski Map Apps

12. SkiLynx (iPhone and Android)

SkiLynx is a perfect skiing app if you’re in a group of varying abilities. SkiLynx enables you to stay up to date on exactly where the rest of your group are while skiing together. The app has a number of useful features, including a display of the difficulty of the current ski area and the percentage of the run the rest of your group have completed. You can locate your group easily and decide on a meeting point, without ending up on a run that is too difficult for you.

Download the SkiLynx skiing app for iPhone

Download the SkiLynx skiing app for Android

13. Maprika (Android and iPhone)

A more simple GPS skiing app, Maprika allows you to locate your mates on-piste, and set and share rendezvous points throughout your day. You can also track the runs you’ve completed and leave reviews.

Download Maprika skiing app (Android)

Download Maprika skiing app (iPhone)


14. Peakfinder (iPhone and Android)

Ever been sat on the chairlift and wondered what the peaks ahead of you are called? Hasn’t everyone? Well! Look no further than Peakfinder. The Peakfinder app has a number of different views and features and will provide the name of each peak that you’re looking at. Plus, tapping the name above each peak will provide you with further information about that mountain. Prepare to amaze your friends with your resort knowledge!

Download Peakfinder skiing app (Android)

Download Peakfinder skiing app (iPhone)


What skiing apps have you found to be invaluable? Have you used one that really optimised a ski holiday for you and your family? Are there any you simply can’t live without?


Let us know over on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! See you on the slopes…

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