Why skiing is good for you and your health

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why skiing is good for you
Ski Basics
why skiing is good for you

Unsure if skiing is good for you? We understand that it may feel too be good to be true that your favourite winter holiday may also be good for your health. However, there is a large amount of research to validate that skiing is good for you and here we explore the reasons why. So, read on for all reasons why our much loved winter holiday really is good for your health…

Why skiing is good for you

There’s are a large number of reasons skiing is good for you, ranging from benefits on your mental health, joint and muscle mobility as well as, cardiovascular and metabolic health. It’s no secret that being outdoors, getting the body moving and increasing your heart rate is great for you. Skiing and almost all mountain sports enable you to do all of these things.

Health benefits of downhill skiing

Research by Niebauer has shown that downhill skiing offers a number of cardio-metabolic health benefits. These benefits include improved glucose metabolism, body composition and insulin resistance. It was also founds to aid a fall in blood pressure, bloody lipids and heart rate as well as, reinvigorating blood vessels and cell health. However, the level of energy exerted whilst downhill skiing will of course influence the level of these benefits. For example, nimbly making your way through deep powder will naturally increase your heart rate further than crushing down a well groomed run.

Niebauer also reported positive effects on arterial stiffness which is an indicator of rejuvenating arteries. Arterial stiffness is also a risk factor for serious health conditions such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

Top 3 Health benefits of skiing

1. Mental health benefits of skiing

There are proven psychological benefits to being out on the slopes. Not only will you benefit from increased vitamin D intake from being outside all day (thus counteracting depression and seasonal mood disorders), but the ‘feel good’ chemicals in your body – endorphins and adrenaline – are heightened when doing an activity like skiing. Skiing outdoors can elevate mood and create a greater sense of well-being and happiness, which we all know and which is why we love (and are slightly addicted to) skiing so much!

Person stood at top of a mountain in ski gear, looking out at the view

2. Skiing Strengthens Your Bones, Joints and Muscles

Skiing is a weight-bearing exercise and your knees and joints work hard to bear the tension as your body turns and manoeuvres down the mountainside. This in turn strengthens your knees and gives flexibility to joints and muscles. Your bones are made stronger by bearing the weight impact on your legs which can help to counteract osteoporosis and other knee and joint damage.

A huge health benefit of skiing is when you work on deep core stabilisation this in turn supports your whole system; from your breathing, posture and even your digestion.  Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles supports your internal organs and is advantageous to your whole body.

Skiing also naturally keeps the body in the squat position, which strengthens the quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes.

3. Skiing Helps Control Weight

Another reason skiing is good for you is weight control. People often ask how many calories do you burn when skiing? According to Harvard Medical School, a person weighing 11 stone burns 223 calories in 30 minutes of skiing which is amazing when you think how many calories you burn over a whole week of skiing several hours a day!

This is why keeping your energy up is important by enjoying the delicious chalet food on offer during your ski holiday! We work with our chefs to carefully design our menus which are not only lip-smackingly tempting but specially devised for keeping up the energies and nutritional needs of skiers and snowboarders. Skiing regularly can keep you fit and trim, which keeps your heart and body healthy.

Health benefits of snowboarding

Snowboarders will be pleased to hear that not only skiing is good for you! Snowboarders will also benefit from a large number of the health benefits experienced when skiing. In fact, there are a few added extras when it comes to snowboarding.

Two people snowboarding down a run in Meribel.

Strengthening less commonly used muscles

Snowboarding will also help to strengthen less commonly used muscles in your ankles and feet. These muscles will be used all day when out snowboarding as they are key in maintaining your balance and steering the board.


Snowboarding requires the body to frequently change direction and move nimbly as you travel down the slope, avoiding obstacles around you and on the piste itself. You will also find that you are required to bend down to put on boots and fasten your bindings multiple times throughout the day.

These continued movements throughout the day will help to improve joint and muscle mobility and improve overall flexibility.

So! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, now you know for sure that is skiing is good for you.

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