Seasonnaire Stories – Dainora Jurevičiūtė

June 11, 2019 no comments

Dainora Jurevičiūtė stood in snow on the mountain
Ski Basics
Dainora Jurevičiūtė stood in snow on the mountain

Seasonnaire Stories

We have asked some of the team from this year to choose a picture which either sums up their season or takes them back to their favourite moment. They have been tasked with writing a small paragraph about their chosen photo to describe that #seasonmade moment. Enjoy!


Driver / Chalet Host – Chalet Victoire 18/19;

Getting a chance to spend the whole season in the Alps whilst working for such a reputable company as Ski Basics, couldn’t have been a better recipe for the best winter ever. There are just so many ways to enjoy the snow and mountains in the Three Valleys. For me, the most memorable days were those when the conditions were perfect for Ice Climbing. These days were filled with off-piste snowboarding, abseiling and ploughing through untracked snow to reach breath taking, frozen water miracles like the one shown in the picture below. When at the crag, mountaineering and steep ice climbing skills were put to the test, rewarding me with unforgettable experiences. I’m already looking forward to next season in Meribel and all the challenges that lay ahead both on and off the piste.


Dainora ice climbing

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