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Is Skiing During Pregnancy Safe?

September 20, 2018 no comments
skiing whilst pregnant in Meribel

You booked your ski holiday in Meribel many months ago and now it’s a short time until you arrive here in resort, and you find out that you’re pregnant! Whether you’re surprised or overjoyed, you need to consider if it’s OK to go skiing during pregnancy. Whilst ultimately it is the decision of you (and […]

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Ski Boot Fitting: How are Your Boots Supposed to Fit?

August 30, 2018 no comments
ski boot fitting- how to fit your ski boots

Ski boots are probably the most technically sophisticated piece of footwear you’ll ever wear and good ski boot fitting is crucial to your comfort and technical prowess. Each and every pair of ski boots will have undergone rigorous testing and had their design finely honed to create the perfect pair of boots for skiing in […]

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A Guide to Buying Your First Skis

June 13, 2018 no comments
A Guide to Buying Your First Skis

Purchasing your first skis can be a daunting task. How do you know which length to buy? What ski shape should you choose for the type of snow you’ll be riding? Which bindings should you choose? As with learning the best ski tips for beginners, buying your first skis can be a minefield, so we’re […]

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The Best Skiing Apps

May 8, 2018 no comments
top 6 skiing apps to improve your ski experience

Whether you’re looking to let off some steam during après, or pick up the latest ski tips and techniques to improve your skiing, these top skiing apps for your mobile are a must have. Your phone can become your best friend in the mountains (and not just for the selfie opportunities!). These best apps for […]

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Skiing with Children – All You Need to Know

April 4, 2018 no comments
skiing with children

Despite any prior doubts and worries a family-friendly ski holiday sometimes presents, skiing with children often creates one of the most memorable family holidays you can imagine. Children love snow, and being expertly looked after in a catered ski chalet means that there’s less time keeping house, and more time for connecting as a family. […]

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Essential Skiing Tips for Beginners

March 1, 2018 no comments
Learn to ski in Meribel with these essential skiing tips

Many first-time skiers fear looking daft on the slopes, doing it all wrong and being mocked by their more-experienced friends. Fear not! Everyone who has skied has had to experience their first time on the slopes at one time or another, and everyone knows exactly what it feels like. The mountains are a magical and […]

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