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Skiing History: A Brief Insight into Skiing’s Past

April 14, 2021 no comments
The history of skiing

Skiing hasn’t always been the popular leisure and sporting activity it is today. Each year groups of families and friends head off to the mountains, in hope of great conditions and making memories with their loved ones. However, years ago skiing was a vital lifeline for those who invented it. Within this blog we explore […]

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The Best Eco-Friendly Ski Wear: Sustainable Brands

March 19, 2021 no comments
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As skiers and snowboarders, we all rely upon the natural environment for a source of fun and adventure. Yet it can be difficult to adopt eco friendly ski habits.    Nevertheless, everyone who uses the mountains has an important role to play in protecting and preserving their surroundings. Effectively offsetting the impact of skiing and […]

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In and around Meribel: Towns, villages and shops

February 9, 2021 no comments
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Meribel is a favourite ski resort for many, with our guests returning year after year to enjoy all that it has to offer. Of course, 600km of unrivalled slopes right on your doorstep but there’s also lots to explore within the surrounding area. Here we have put together a short guide on the local area, […]

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The history of Meribel | Ski Basics

February 8, 2021 no comments
People stood in front of 'heart Meribel' sign in the snow

Meribel is the beating heart of The Three Valleys and commonly regarded as one of the most beautiful resorts in the alps. Yet, many of its visitors are unaware of the rich history of Meribel. Most only know it as the idyllic and well connected resort it is today, but where did it all begin?  […]

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Is it safe to go skiing? | Ski Basics

October 12, 2020 no comments
Is it safe to go skiing

Is it safe to go skiing? In short – absolutely!  Skiing is enjoyed in vast open areas. Meaning it’s makes it safer in regard to COVID-19 than other more enclosed activities. Therefore, making it the perfect option for a winter get away. The summer season in Meribel was a great success, with Meribel proving as […]

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Why skiing is good for your mental health | Ski Basics

October 10, 2020 no comments
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The appeal of skiing is not hard to see – fresh air, beautiful scenery and a good source of exercise. It’s also known to have a significant positive impact on your mental health. Close to 1 billion people have a mental health disorder, world wide (WHO, 2020). In the UK, work-related stress depression or anxiety accounted […]

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Meribel Ski Resort: The complete guide | Ski Basics

September 13, 2020 no comments
Girl standing by an 'I heart Meribel' sign in the snow

Unquestionably, Meribel is the prettiest ski resort in the Three Valleys. The unlimited choice of activities will afford both skiers and non-skiers a wonderful holiday in its ‘picture-postcard’ landscape. Here we have put together a short guide for those who are thinking of visiting Meribel for the first time or those who are returning and […]

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April Skiing in Meribel | Ski Basics

March 8, 2020 no comments
People stood in front of 'heart Meribel' sign in the snow

As you may well know, we love Meribel whatever the time of year but April skiing in Meribel really is something quite special. Why, you ask? Well…   April weather April weather in Meribel be is simply beautiful! The days are long, and the sun is often shining without a cloud in the sky. Perfect […]

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Half Term Skiing in Meribel – Our Guide

February 15, 2020 no comments
Screen Shot 2020 02 15 at 07.59.54

Skiing in Meribel is without a doubt the best way to spend half term with your kids, fresh air, beautiful nature and an abundance of fun to be had. And to top it off, fantastic conditions await!   However, we know all too well of just how tiring it can really be! So, to help […]

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Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Meribel | Ski Basics

February 9, 2020 no comments
A couple skiing down a mountain with trees.

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and whether you’re visiting Meribel especially or if your holiday just so happens to fall over the feast of saint valentine, this short guide will aid you in a truly romantic escape – from heart racing adventures to idyllic spots to soak up the sun with your loved […]

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Should you buy or rent your ski equipment?

January 26, 2020 2 comments
Hiring vs Buying Ski Equipment

The debate on whether to buy or hire your ski equipment is an on-going conversation amongst almost all parties. In all honesty, there really is no definitive answer! It really does depend on a number of factors. So, below we have put together a short list of the pros and cons of both options.   […]

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Meribel Bucket List – 10 things to do whilst in Meribel

November 30, 2019 no comments
Woman skiing with helmet and reflection of friend in goggles

Meribel may be home to some of the best skiing in the world, but it’s certainly not all that it has to offer. From infamous après bars to exhilarating activities such as paragliding where you can enjoy the breath-taking views from new heights…here you will find our Meribel bucket list of absolute musts whilst visiting […]

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Seasonnaire Stories – Ella Fraser

November 23, 2019 no comments
Ski basics seasonnaire Ella

Seasonnaire Stories We have asked some of the team from this year to choose a picture which either sums up their season or takes them back to their favourite moment. They have been tasked with writing a small paragraph about their chosen photo to describe that #seasonmade moment. Enjoy! Chalet Cook – Chalet Victoire 18/19 […]

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Snowboarding in Meribel – Best Snowboarding Spots

November 10, 2019 no comments
DC Park - Area 43

We’ve had a serious dumping of snow here this week and according to the forecast, there’s more to come! All this fresh powder has got us thinking of one thing…snowboarding in Meribel. Meribel is home to two snowparks making it the perfect destination for thrill seeking boarders. Here you will find the infamous Plattieres Park, […]

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What’s new in Meribel 2020?

October 6, 2019 no comments
Love Meribel sign in snow with trees in background

The resort doesn’t open until 14th December, but the snow is beginning to fall and we couldn’t be more excited for the season to begin and to share what’s new in Meribel 2020… Now we all know that skiing in Meribel, means skiing in one of the world’s best resorts. So, you’re bound to have […]

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Where to eat in Meribel – Our top picks!

September 1, 2019 no comments
Wooden chairs in the sun on the snow

When it comes to eating out, Meribel has a vast range of options both on and off the mountain. From quick, easy and reasonably priced to fine dining, traditional Savoyard and some unbeatable mountain locations – there truly is something for every occasion.   Restaurants on the mountain Rond Point (Self-Service) (£)     View […]

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Travel Tips for Skiers You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without…

March 22, 2019 no comments
Travel Tips for Skiers - Ski Basics

What with airport queues, checking in bags, charges for bringing equipment, airport transfers and all the rest, travelling to your chosen ski resort can sometimes be a logistical nightmare. We’ve put together this guide of top travel tips for skiers to help you navigate this minefield so that you can relax into holiday mode before […]

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Luxury Catered Ski Chalets in Meribel to Exceed Your Expectations

February 22, 2019 no comments
Luxury catered ski chalets in meribel

We have a carefully-curated collection of luxury catered ski chalets in Meribel which we call ‘Plus Experience’ chalets. This luxury collection consists of five beautiful catered chalets in the heart of Meribel where nothing is too much trouble and every whim is catered for. Discover how we can exceed your expectations on your next ski […]

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Unmissable Ski Fashion Trends for 2019

January 3, 2019 no comments
ski fashion trends 2019

You already know all about what’s new for Meribel in 2019, so now it’s time to find out what looks to rock on the slopes so that you can enjoy the new ski season looking as stylish as can be. Just like the seasons themselves, ski fashion trends are forever changing so have a read […]

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